Wilson's Storm-petrel flying over the red sea
Amazing pelagic with super tasty and smelly chum...
Cream Colored Coursor on the ground
Summary of August 2017
Portrait of a Little Green Bee Eater
Updates from the National Birds Park of Eilat
Blue-Cheeked Bee-Eater perching
Some August Birding
Pink-backed Pelican resting
Summary of July 2017
MacQueens Bustard roaming the desert
Israeli Nature at it's best
unidentified Iduna Warbler in Eilat
A real identification challenge
Lesser Short-toed Lark perching
Summary of June 2017
Levant Sparrowhawks on the move
So what’s so special about Levant’s pick?
Long-tailed Skua on the wing
Summary of May 2017