Birding tour program 2016

Israel Ornithological Center 27/05/2015 00:00

The Hula Valley Bird Festival is back for the 6th year and we are happy to present our new, better than ever birding program towards the 2016 Festival week.


The HVBF Birding program is designed in a way that you will get the most out of their visit, an impressive species list and amazing migration experiences.

The first 2 days will be devoted to the hotspots of the Hula Valley, mainly the KKL Agamon Park including the Mobile Hide tour, the Hula Nature Reserve and some local sweet spots.



From festival day 3 (22 Nov) we will run 2 full day tours. These tours will include the best birding sites Northern Israel has to offer including Mt. Hermon and the Golan and the Bet Shean Valley.


On Festival day 5 (24 Nov) we will head south and bird our way to the Negev.

The last weekend (25-26 Nov) will be devoted to the west Negev for additional raptors and some cool desert species.

Please go over the tour program below to get an idea of what is in store for the festival week.