The Crane Project in the Hula valley

For many years the Cranes have been the “flag-bearers” of the Hula Valley and every winter hundreds of thousands of people come especially to see them.  However, the Cranes, like the White Pelicans also created a problem because they have to eat and they find their food in the agricultural fields of the valley…


From 1996-2010 the Israel Ornithological Center conducted 4 extensive research projects to find a way to decrease the damage done to agricultural fields by the Cranes.

In 1999 the Israel Ornithological Center initiated and established the ”Crane Project”.  


Today the project continues successfully with the cooperation of all interested parties in the Hula Valley: farmers, nature protection organizations, tourism organizations and government ministries.


During the project we have created a unique management structure that combines strict protection of the fields during the winter months, allowing the cranes to feed in some of the agricultural fields during the autumn months and then providing food for them in the center of the Hula Valley during the winter.


This ongoing project has been successful for 12 years and the damage done by the Cranes has significantly decreased thanks to the cooperation with the Israel Nature & Parks Authority, the JNF Agamon Hahula, the farmers of the Hula Valley, the Upper Galilee Regional Council and government ministries.  


At the same time the Agamon Hahula Park, where the project is conducted, has become the most visited birding site in Israel with about 300,000 visitors each year.

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