my enigmatic gulgula lark

Hadoram Shirhai 29/03/2015 00:00


This spring I am fortunate to be the guest of my friends Dan Alon, Jonathan Mairav and Noam Waiss at the Eilat Bird Festival. A great opportunity to 'rediscover the bird-discoveries of some 30 years ago', and when the International Birding & Research Center Eilat (IBRCE) was just founded too (1985).


Thus, some 30 years ago I happened to discovered the Oriental (or Small) Skylark Alauda gulgula as a new bird to my country Israel, but also to the Western Palearctic region.


The first gulgula identified and studied was in the in 1984-85, with the findings attracted many 'keen' European experts to come to study this, at the time, completely unknown species.   


Tagged here an image of me (far-right) holding in an gulgula that we captured in autumn 1985, with three of my friends (also top artists) during 'stress test', when I gave them the chance to illustrate this amazing lark in few minutes, before I freed it..., and with left to right: Hans Schekkerman, Dan Zetterström and Killian Mullarney.     



Well, yesterday, the 15 March 2015, I located one Oriental Skylark in the North Fields of Kibbutz Eilot, and indeed the excitement of reunion again with my gulgula was just as exciting as 30 years back. Here are some images tagged of the bird from yesterday.




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