The Israeli Bird Ringing Center


The Israeli Bird Ringing Center (IBRC) is part of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and it is the professional body trusted with the matter of bird ringing in Israel.

Bird ringing is a basic tool for tracking and studying bird activity, and it serves as an important tool in the conservation of nature. As part of its function and goals, the IBRC encourages and supports bird ringing activities for purposes of research and nature conservation.



The idea to mark birds with tracking rings originated in order to discover and learn about their migration roots. Over the years, with the improvement of trapping methods and the development of new methods allowing the capture of large amount of birds with relatively little effort, bird ringing began to serve as a tool for tracking bird populations in a given area. In addition, with the further development of ornithology, more attention was given to the study of birds in a given area and over time.


These reasons combined, along with the inherit advantage that comes from familiarizing with a specific site over time, and for other historical reasons such as the difficulty in mobilizing the large caging traps used in the original ringing sites before the use of mist nets began, all led to the establishment of fixed ringing site that developed into research stations known as ringing stations where thousands of birds are marked each year.


The IBRC supervises over the manufacture of tracking rings to be used in Israel and supplies bird ringers with professional ringing gear. In addition, the center is also responsible for the professional training of bird ringers in Israel, and the collection of ringing data from the various ringers and ringing stations, its publication and making it more accessible to bird ringers, researchers and bird lovers.

One of the main functions of the IBRC is to exchange data between ringers in Israel and the international bird ringing bodies.


Today the IBRC is managed by Dr. Gidon Perlman and is situated in the Jerusalem Bird Observatory


Ringing Stations Summaries   Ringing Stations Summaries


"Duchifat" ringing station summary of 2015



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