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Reports For 21/05/2019

Image text 09:30 Chestnut-shouldered Petronia on slopes of Mt. Keta (Golan Heights)) by Nir Sapir birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 20/05/2019

Image text 13:19 Rosy Starling in Mishmar Ha'Emek fields by Eldad Amir birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 10:39 River Warbler ringed at Agamon Hula Ringing Station by Shai Agmon birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 10:39 River Warbler ringed at Jerusalem Bird Observatory by Yishai Landoy birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 17/05/2019

Image text 06:35 Great Snipe at Habesor Reservoirs by Dominic Standing birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 17:16 Lesser Crested Tern at southern salt ponds, Eilat by Shachar Shalev

Reports For 16/05/2019

Image text 12:18 Red Phalarope one, and another Phalarope sp., possibly Red too, KM20 Saltpans, Eila tby Shachar Shalev birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 11/05/2019

Image text 06:00 Subalpine Warbler at International Birding and Research Center Eilat (IBRCE) by Shachar Shalev birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 17:30 Terek Sandpiper observed at Ein Hamifratz Fishponds by Daniel Melamed birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 10/05/2019

Image text 09:33 Common Grasshopper-Warbler ringed at Yeruham Lake by Rony Livne birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 08/05/2019

Image text 14:30 Rosy Starling observed at Kibbutz Gaash by Oree Efroni Naor

Image text 08:33 Red-breasted Flycatcher ringed at Jerusalem Bird Observatory by Eilon Gur birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 06/05/2019

Image text 14:48 Arabian Dunn's Lark photographed on the Golan slopes between Kfar Szold and Shamir by Tovale Solomon and Liraz Cabra birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 05/05/2019

Image text 09:10 Oriental Honey-Buzzard migrating over Kibbutz Lotan by David Schoneveld

10:51 100,000 European Honey-Buzzards counted migrating over Eilat Mts. today, report by Frank Moffat and Steve Arlow birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 18:39 Red-breasted Flycatcher at Tse'elim, N Negev by Ohad Sheree birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 04/05/2019

Image text 08:06 Red-breasted Flycatcher at Jerusalem Bird Observatory by Ron Faibis birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 09:35 Icterine Warbler near Modiin by Rafi Paz birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 11:35 Icterine Warbler at Yotvata acacia scrub by Klil Zeitlin birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 03/05/2019

Image text 07:25 Black Scrub-Robin at IBRCE, Eilat by Noam Weiss birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 08:33 Bimaculated Lark at Hatzuk Beach, Tel Aviv by Igal Siman Tov birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 00:25 White-cheeked Tern ringed last night at Atlit Saltpans by Yosef Kiat birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 02/05/2019

Image text 10:04 Black-winged Pratincole 2 individuals at Hamadiya, Bet She'an Valley (32.525, 35.554) by Tuvia Kahn birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 11:12 Oriental Honey-Buzard on migration over Masada by Meidad Goren birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 01/05/2019

Image text 09:12 Great Snipe ringed at Ariel Sharon Metropolitan Park ringing station by Yuval Dax et al. birds.il encyclopedia

Image text 11:45 Red-breasted Flychatcher at Ben Gurion Park, Dimona by Yitzchak Cohen birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 30/04/2019

Image text 06:54 Black-headed Bunting at Hatzuk Beach, Tel Aviv by Rami Derech birds.il encyclopedia

15:33 Black-winged Pratincole 3 birds at KM20 saltpans Eilat by Steve Arlow birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 29/04/2019

Image text 09:10 Black-headed Bunting at Rishon Letziyon (31.961, 34.763) by Chen Rozen birds.il encyclopedia

Reports For 28/04/2019

Image text 06:00 Black-headed Bunting at Gazelle Valley, Jerusalem by Shlomi Segall birds.il encyclopedia
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