Lesser Spotted Eagle migrates over israeli sky
This year, 2014, the survey will return to the center of Israel.
sooty falcon taking off
A key role in protecting this beautiful bird of prey.
MacQueens Bustard walking in the negev plains
.Monitoring the birds of israel - Everyday. Everywhere. Everybody
White Pelicans "fishing" in a reservoir
Farmers and Natrure work together - the pelican project at the fishponds.
Black Stork looking folr food
Above fishponds there are nets against Fish Eating Birds. these nets can be lethal
birding israel
The Common Crane - celebrity of the Israeli Winter...
pin-tailed sandgrouse in the negev
Increasing awerness of the natural sites and the fascinating world of the birds in Israel.
Griffon Vultures on the wing
Adopting the Vultures and Raptors.
Greater Spotted Eagle flying
Electric "farms" on one of the busiest migration "highways" in the world
land marks