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Guilad Friedemann 29/03/2018 00:00



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2.6.18 - Eagle Owl season ends.


Dear friends,

After 4 months of a live stream from 2 different Eagle Owl territories we are closing the broadcast.

We would like to thanks every single one of our followers for being loyal, supportive and generous. Without your support we would not have a 3rd season.

With your help we managed to raise 43,000 NIS that helped us expand the project and provide a live feed from nests of the biggest and most mysterious Owl in our region, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

So what can we expect now?

The 4 Owl fledglings will remain around the territory till August and during this time they will be fed and reared by the parents. After a while the youngsters will wander away from the territory to begin their independent lives.

We were very fortunate to follow the nesting season of these amazing birds from the early stages till the successful fledging of 4 Owlets, a remarkable success.


From April 13th this Owl pair delivered 213 prey items to the nest. This is a remarkable number that reminds us once again about the importance of healthy natural ecosystems and wide open spaces.

In the upcoming weeks we will share many great (unpublished) moments from the nest, which we accumulated during the season, so we will be in touch soon!

On behalf of the Owl family and the whole Nestcam project team, Thank you!



22.4.18 - Clockwork Orange, nature's version


A Javelin Sand Boa returns to life and decapitation in the Buzzards nest.

2 nights ago the Eagle Owl brought a Javelin Sand Boa (Eryx jaculus) to the nest. The snake was nearly consumed by one of the Owlets but the snake was too much for the youngster which coughed it up. About an hour later the snake woke up and tried to escape. Sadly (for him) it was seen by the female Owl which "finished the job".

In the past 2 days the Owls have been busy, bringing 9-10 prey items nightly!


In the Buzzards nest the regular carnage continues. 2 poor Agama lizards were decapitated in front of the chicks and a Rock Hyrax that was consumed completely, besides its head.





19.4.18 - King of the night


If you ever saw an Eagle Owl fly over your head then you truly understand why they are called EAGLE Owls. These amazing birds have a wingspan of nearly 2 meters and can weigh over 4 kilograms! These features combined with incredible senses and silent flight truly makes this Owl the king of the night and a real threat to any animal smaller (and sometimes bigger). Notice the expanded iris when it is still dark (03:35)


Every night the 4 Owlets receive 4-5 prey items, mainly birds (probably pigeons), that they continue to eat during the day. Keep following the live stream as we wait for interesting prey items, and they will come.





20.2.18 - Ouch!


Following a few stormy nights the nocturnal action at the Eagle Owl territory has resumed. The Owl pair is busy preparing their nest and the male continues to deliver prey items to the female every night. Many of these poor animals are still alive and we can hear one squealing 30 seconds into the clip (Ouch, sounds painful…)

We are all keeping our fingers crossed to a successful laying of eggs any day now!



15.2.18 - Bloopers!


The Eagle Owl pair continues preparing potential nest sites. As opposed to humans, it seems that the male Owl is doing most of the work and the female supervises and makes sure that he is doing a proper job.

30 seconds into the clip we see how even one of the most impressive Owls, with super senses is able to miss the obvious, a stone that is right under his nose…



10.2.18 - The Bat Slayers


Courtship and preparations continue in "crevice 3". The male can be seen offering a live (and screaming) Egyptian fruit bat to the female.

We are still in the pre nesting period so during the day the Eagle Owl pair roost elsewhere but during the night (and especially evenings) they are vocal and active.



7.2.18 - Nestcam season is now open

We are excited to announce that from today you can enjoy our live broadcast from a territory of a pair of Eurasian EAGLE OWL (Bubo bubo). We invite you to join the excitement and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a successful breeding season.

The Owl pair is still courting and has yet to lay eggs so they are not present at all times. Most of the action takes place during the night of course and especially after sunset. The pair is still checking a few prospective nest sites so we have several different cameras strategically placed in various spots. This site is frequented by the pair that are digging and preparing a nest niche as seen in the clip. Like most Owls, Eagle Owl females are significantly larger than the males.



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The project is in conjunction with the Nature and Parks authority and holds all the necessary permits. Following some sour experiences in the past this year we have placed several motion sensor cameras in the area to detect anything in proximity of the nest. Violators will be persecuted!

Thank you for your support, from the whole team!

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