Long-legged Buzzards nestcam


They are back

And already on eggs!



Watch them ONLINE - click play


We are happy to launch the 2018 Long-legged Buzzard Nestcam!

In spring 2016 we launched a unique project that gave millions of people from over 100 countries, the opportunity to get up close and personal with two of the most amazing raptors in Israel, Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus) and Short-toed Eagles(Circaetus gallicus).

The project was a great success and thanks to generous donations from our followers we decided to continue the project for another season!


During the winter when the Buzzards were in Africa we set up cameras at 2 potential nest sites and waited for the birds to return. The buzzards returned in December and in January finally started to patch up one of the nests. To our amazement sometime in mid- February the Buzzards decided to go back to the original nest site (from 2016) and built a new nest. On February 22nd they laid their first egg.


Using high tech online cameras we will broadcast 24/7 from the nest. We hope to capture another full cycle of incubation, hatching, rearing and finally fledging of healthy young Buzzards. Throughout the season (till May) we will post updates, info, clips and more from the most famous Buzzard family in the world! We are very excited to open another Nestcam season and invite the public to follow the live feed and experience first - hand the lives of these amazing birds. We hope this season is as successful as the previous ones and wish the Buzzards the best of luck. Towards the end of the clip we see the male offering the female a Banded Centipede (scolopendra cingulate).




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