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23.4.18 - Watch the egg for god sake!


On Saturday the Short-toed Eagle male arrived at the nest full of good intentions with a juicy Agama lizard for the female.

The problem is that Agamas are rough and spiny and do not "slide" easily like a snake.


While trying to extract the Lizard the male accidentally stepped on the egg and our hearts missed a beat! The egg is of course sensitive accidents can happen… Luckily the incident passed peacefully and the male decided to swallow the Lizard rather than taking more risks.

Later in the clip the Eagle pair look a bit "messed up" from the rain.





6.4.18 - Bikers disturbance live... Enough!


Our followers know that this is not the first time we have documented off road motorbikes going wild in the natural habitats, far from tracks and in the heart of the nature reserve. We all remember what happened last year when a rouge cyclist caused the Eagles to leave the nest for 2 whole days!

While we know that the bulk of cyclists in Israel follow the rules and care for nature there are people like this that make a bad name for all cyclists… We have many recordings of bikers going off road in the middle of the reserve, destroying protected flora and fauna and they are outright criminals.


This biker was nowhere near a trail and got very close to the Short-toed Eagle nest.

Besides the fact that this criminal broke numerous nature conservation rules he also passed too close to the nest and caused the female to jump. The startled female left the nest for a whole hour, exposing the new egg to sun and predators!

After a few minutes the biker was documented by another one of our cameras, and rest assured that we have all the details we need to prosecute this idiot.


The incubating period is a crucial time in which the eggs need to be kept at an even temperature for the health of the embryo. This is also the period that is most vulnerable to disturbance, if the incubation is disrupted for lengthy periods of time, the embryo will most likely die. Birds of prey have sharp eyes and they notice disturbance from a great distance. Approaching nests (even hundreds of meters away) creates great stress to incubating birds and may cause them to startle and leave the nest, exposing the eggs to danger.


We ask motorcyclists and bikers, PLEASE stick to designated trails, drive safely on tracks and respect the environment so everyone can continue their lives in piece, nature and man.







4.4.18 - The Short-toed Eagles are back.


In spring 2016 we launched a new and unique project. Using state of the art HD cameras we were able to expose the mysterious lives of one of Israel's largest breeding raptors. The Nestcam project was a huge success and was followed by millions of people from 104 different countries.


Due to this success and with the help of our followers we are able to continue the project and to expand! On Feb 1st we launched this year's project with a Nestcam from a territory of Eurasian Eagle Owls. On March 1st we opened the live feed from a Long-legged Buzzard nest and now we are thrilled to add a third Nestcam, directly from the famous Short-toed Eagle nest.

During the winter, while the Eagles were in Africa we set up several cameras at potential nest sites and waited for the birds to return. On Feb 28th the pair returned and started courting in front of our cameras, we were relieved that the birds returned, and choose one of "our" sites.


During the following weeks the pair repaired the nest, courted and displayed and on March 24th the female laid her only egg, which she will incubate for the next 48 days. This is the same Short-toed Eagle pair that we know and love but the nest site is different from last year.

Using advanced HD online cameras we will broadcast live from the nest 24/7. The live stream will cover the entire nesting season, until the next generation will fledge. During the season which will last till July, we will post summaries, clips and in depth information about these fascinating birds.


We encourage the public to follow the live stream and to enter the lives of one of the most impressive Eagles in Israel. We hope this season is as fascinating as in previous years and wish the Eagle pair the best of luck!




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