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IOC 18/04/2014 00:00

The Israel Ornithological Center is a branch of the SPNI, Israel’s largest conservation NGO. Our work covers all aspects of birds and birding in Israel, from professional surveys and fieldwork through the development of educational programs and public awareness projects that span across the country.


We believe in the future, in strengthening the next generation and providing tools and knowledge thus strengthening the connection to the land.




Besides our local work we are slowly establishing a viable Birding tourism niche being proud ambassadors of Israel through its birds.


Our team consists of birders and naturalists, first and foremost. It is due to uncompromising dedication and ideals that we are able to achieve our goals.


In a small country like Israel with a dizzying development rate the SPNI in general and the IOC in particular will always have to stand guard and try to protect the little open areas and natural habitats that remain, this can only be done with your support.


So how can I help?


Donations to the SPNI and the IOC can be received in several ways. Donors from the US and Canada can contact our ASPNI office in NY and place a donation.


Please Contact Robin Gordon:

Donors residing in Europe can contact us directly at the IOC office:

No donation is too small and the donations go directly to bird conservation in Israel.


Planning a birding or nature trip to Israel?  Why not join one of our Birding Festivals at the Hula or Eilat, the proceeds from these events are funneled directly to survey work and conservation projects in Israel



Please make sure to sign up for the SPNI Newsletter in English to stay informed on everything that is birds and birding in Israel.



Support our Champions of the Flyway campaign:


Also go to our official Facebook page: Israel IOC Birds and Birding for updates from the field.

We thank you in advance, on behalf of the birds of Israel.



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