The Protection of the Terns on the Carmel Coast

Two species of Tern breed in Israel - the Common Tern and the Little Tern.


During the last few years there has been a decrease in the size of the population worldwide that breeds in a limited number of breeding colonies.


In Israel, the largest and most important breeding colony is found on the Carmel Coast where all the Little Terns and most of the Common Terns nest.

Demographic research has been carried out during the last few years to determine factors which endanger the population combined with conservation and monitoring activities of the two populations. 


The monitoring and management efforts are carried out by the Salt of the Earth Ltd., the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Israel Nature & Parks Authority,  the Hoopoe Foundation,  the Carmel Drainage Authority,  Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael and independent birders.


Following the management steps that were taken, the number of breeding pairs rose slowly and, during the last breeding season about 800 pairs of Common Tern were counted on the Carmel Coast and about 200 pairs of Little Tern.




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