Saving the Collared Pratincole in Israel

In the 1960’s hundreds of pairs of Collared Pratincole nested in the Hula Valley, the Jezreel Valley, the Valley of the Springs and the Coastal Plain. Today the number of nesting pairs is down to less than 80. 


This sharp decrease was mainly caused by the change in the management of the agriculture in the areas of the Collared Pratincole’s nesting sites, and that is also where the solution is hidden…


Cooperation of the farmers with the Israel Nature & Parks Authority, the JNF, the Agamon Hahula and with the support of the Hoopoe Foundation, and led by the Israel Ornithological Center, a project is being conducted to protect the Collared Pratincole’s breeding sites in the valleys and on the Golan Heights by preparing alternative breeding sites. 

With the help of the farmers and the of the nesting sites where necessary, we hope to revive the breeding population of this very beautiful bird.

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