Protecting the Nubian Nightjar

The Nubian Nightjar is a small nocturnal bird that feeds on moths. The local sub-species is endemic in Israel and Jordan where it lives on the salt flats.

The increased use of its habitat for agriculture has caused the Nubian Nightjar to be in serious danger of extinction. Today the only population that remains is on the Sdom Salt Flats and, in the summer of 2013 only five pairs were counted.


A few additional pairs were found at other sites where remnants of their natural habitat still exist though they are also disappearing.


After a decade of research, monitoring and educational activities with the public, the Israel Ornithological Center, with the Tamar Regional Council, has prepared a new program that will protect most of the salt flats at of Sdom, and will thus also protect the Nubian Nightjar in Israel.

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