Jonathan Meyrav 31/12/2014 00:00


Jonathan Meyrav is the most experienced birding tour leader in Israel, with sharp identification skills and a special knack for desert birds, migration and vagrancy patterns.

Jonathan spends the migration seasons where the birds do, in Eilat in the spring and Northern Israel in the fall and winter.  

Since 2010 Jonathan serves as the Tourism Director of Israeli Ornithological Center (IOC). He still spends around 70 days a year guiding foreign birdwatchers, donors and birding tour groups.


In recent years Jonathan and his team have developed several large scale international events; the Hula and Eilat Birding Festivals and several seminars around bird conservation.


Besides the festivals, Jonathan is the coordinator of the new and exciting project “The Champions of the Flyway” an international bird-a-thon that raises funds and awareness against the illegal killing of birds along the Flyways.




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