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The 5th Hula Valley Bird Festival


2015 will be our 5th festival and we are proud to say that our feedbacks and excellent client return rate speak for themselves.

The Hula Valley Birds Festival offers a full week birding program, based at the excellent Pastoral Hotel and led by the finest tour leaders in Israel.


Besides exploring the famous Hula Valley sites including the Agamon Park, Hula Nature reserve, mobile hide and more, festival tours encompass all the major birding sites and species Northern Israel has to offer including Mount Hermon and the Golan, Bet Shean Valley, the Coast and more.



New in 2015 - Special Negev Weekend excursion!!


For the first time ever the Hula Valley Festival will head down to the Negev for that added Desert spice!


The program will begin as usual with all the major sites in Northern Israel, but the final weekend of the festival will be held in the Negev Desert where participants will get a taste of rare desert birds and raptors, some of the most scenic places in the country and so much more!



The special desert weekend is FREE OF CHARGE and part of the regular festival program, don’t miss your chance to get all the awesome birds and sites if the North AND some amazing desert species.



Following productive days in the field festival visitors are welcome to enjoy a series of excellent talks and presentations every evening.     


Check out the 2014 Hula Valley Festival summary and checklist tabs to get a feel for the event and some of the highlights.


Our Partners in the UK WildWings are offering Hula Festival packages including flights from the UK.


Join us for an unforgettable week of birds, wildlife and events and come discover the Hula Valley and Northern Israel for the natural gems they are. With the added Negev Weekend you will also add some cool families such as Wheatears, Larks, Bee-eaters and more, all part of the same package.



Finally we remind you that the Israel Ornithological Center is a non- profit organization and that all the proceeds from our festivals go directly to field work and bird conservation action in Israel. Your money makes a difference, come do your part for Israel’s birds.


For more information and booking a package please email us:


See you in the field!
























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