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The Jordan valley is a hidden jewel. located in the great rift valley, with tens of natural springs and many man made fishponds and farm fields, the Valley is magnet for resident, wintering, breeding  and migrating birds.

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Tuvia Kahn - Jordan Valley Center


500,000 white storks are first to arrive during autumn migration, followed by 400,000 Honey Buzzards, 45,000 Levant sparrowhawks and 100,000 Lesser Spotted Eagles (not the full list of course).

At the same time the fish farms and fields of the valley are crawling with migrating passerines, Pipits sp, Wagtails, Warblers, Buntings just to name a few. Shorebirds and waders are searching the muddy ponds for food before continuing their journey south over the desert strip.



White Pelicans       Photo: Yossi Eshbol


Then comes winter, with thousands of Herons, Cormorants, Pelicans, and other water bird's constant presence of Greater spotted, imperial, booted and Bonelli's Eagles and much more.

Spring migration is always surprising, with migrating flocks of Black and white Storks, Steppe Buzzards and the arriving of migrating passerines back from Africa. The location of the valley at the edges of the desert areas of Israel gives the opportunity to enjoy semi-desert species like Little Green and Blue-Cheeked Bee-Eaters, Desert Finch and more.


The area is known as a "rarity magnet" through the years with Pin-Tailed Snipe, Shikra, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Great Bustard, Blyth Pipit and more found here by avid birders



Paradise for birds? I sure think so!!!!

Black Francolin photo: Yossi Eshbol



All in all, if you're coming to Israel, you must consider a day or two (or three) in the Beit Shean valley.

The Jordan Valley Nature Lodge is located in Kfar Rupin, and is a part of the Jordan valley birding center.

The Lodge offers fantastic bird watching experience. We have comfortable attractive rooms for your accommodation that will give you all that you need and more to create the perfect bird watching vacation you were wishing for.


We want our visitors to be able to join us in the daily celebration of bird life, while they can take advantage of our lovely rooms, delicious fresh breakfasts, Extra take away meals are available.



Excuse Me! This is my take away meal!

Eastern Imperial Eagle, Graeter Spotted Eagle and a couple of Hoodies near a Common Crane carcass

Photo: Yossi Eshbol


We are also a short distance from the Gilboa, Beit Shean Valley, Sea of Galilee and an hours’ drive from the Hula Valley.


Also available are various treatments, lectures and guided tours while you join the birds and relax in the beauty of Kfar Ruppin which renews mental and physical health and nourishes both body and soul.


We can help you plan your birding trip, and advise on locations of target species, and custom tailor your vacation, to fit your needs, with the attention to details that every guest deserves


Do get in touch with us to discover the delights we can offer you.


The birds already know!!!!


Collared Pratincole      Photo: Yossi Eshbol

Birding in the Jordan valley

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