National network of birding centers

Birds Of Pray
.The Hula Valley Bird Center lies in the heart of the Hula Valley, known worldwide for its rich and diverse habitats and birdlife.
The IOC operates a productive ringing station and deals with research, education and much more
Black-throated Loon in the water
The Ma'agan Michael birding center and water managment is located on the Carmel coast
What are you Babbling about?
Located in the Northern Arava Valley The Hazeva Birdwatching Center offers a range of educational activities around the remarkable birds of the area
Bird Tel Aviv
Birds Head The Tel Aviv Birding Center Right in the heart of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area, two of the largest streams in Israel.The Yarkon and the Ayalon flow to the Med Sea. This is where the IOC is establishing the new Tel Aviv Birdwatching center,

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