Caspian Plover - Charadrius asiaticus

Species description

Scarce spring migrant and very rare autumn migrant. In spring seen almost exclusively in Eilat region and Yotvata fields, mainly late March - early May. 

While in 1980's and 1990's small of medium-sized flocks were recorded, nowadays only singles occur. In autumn very rare, mainly in August - September, in Eilat but also elsewhere e.g. Bet Shean Valley.  


12.4.18 - Yotvata       Photo: Aviv Etzion

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Where can we observe Caspian Plover

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Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
08/08/2019 Tirat Zvi 1 Tuvia Kahn
29/03/2019 Eilat city 1 obsr131204 [eBird]
20/04/2018 Hatzerim SW hills 2 Olga Chagina


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