Black-winged Pratincole - Glareola nordmanni

Species description

Uncommon Autumn migrant - beginning of September - middle of October, northern valleys and along the coast. Rare in spring - Late April and early May -  southern Arava and northern valleys.

Number of birds and observations has reduced since the 80’s - corresponding the declining western population.

Two Black-winged Pratincoles together with a single Collared Pratincole (right bird)
spring 2019 - K20 southern Arava valley   Photo: Frank Moffatt

Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Black-winged Pratincole

Weekly Bar Chart

Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
29/09/2019 Kfar Ruppin 1 Itamar Donitza [eBird]
29/09/2019 Kfar Ruppin 1 Ori Davidor
29/09/2019 Kfar Ruppin 1 nitay haiun
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