Mediterranean Gull - Ichthyaetus melanocephalus

Species description

Scarce passage migrant and winter visitor. Most records are in winter (November - February), when concentrations of up to 10 individuals may be seen mainly along Mediterranean Coast, especially in Acre, Ma'agan Michael and around Tel Aviv. Smaller numbers on migration during autumn (September - October) and spring (March - April). Uncommon in Eilat.


Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Mediterranean Gull

Weekly Bar Chart

Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
10/09/2019 Maagan Michael 1 Yoav Perlman
25/03/2019 Akko - Acre 4 obsr44243 [eBird]
07/03/2019 אשדוד 1 נסים פרימו
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