Egyptian Nightjar - Caprimulgus aegyptius

Species description

Localised breeder (probably resident) and scarce migrant and winter visitor, mainly in the far south and east.

Breeds on wastelands in the northern Dead Sea region, where it occurs year-round. It is a scarce visitor to Eilat and S Arava, where it is seen mostly in the agricultural fields of Yotvata. Most records are from early spring (late February - March) but it is possibly overlooked there in autumn and winter.

 7.9.19 Eilat Birds Park     Photo: Shachar Shalev

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Where can we observe Egyptian Nightjar

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Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
21/02/2019 Palm Plantation Kalya 5 obsr161791 [eBird]
20/12/2018 Yotvata northern circular field 1 Shlomi Segall
20/12/2018 Yotvata 1


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