Grey Hypocolius - Hypocolius ampelinus

Species description

Rare vagrant, almost exclusively in Eilat region and southern Arava; one in Ashkelon in spring 2015 was the sole record away from the far south. Most records are in spring (March - May), but there are few autumn records (August, September and November).


17.8.19 - K20 Southerm Arava valley   Photo: Rony Livne

Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Grey Hypocolius

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Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
24/08/2019 Eilat north 1 Yoav Perlman
24/08/2019 Eilat north 1 תמר זילברשטיין
24/08/2019 Eilat north 1 rony livne


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