Dunn's Lark - Eremalauda dunni

Species description

Rare, nomadic and unpredictable. Occasionally shows up during spring in Eilat Mts., southern Arava and southern Negev, especially in 'lark hotspots' such as Uvda Valley. Has bred in those regions, even in large breeding irruptions following exceptional weather systems. Extremely rare and unpredictable migrant to north and central Israel.


Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Dunn's Lark

Weekly Bar Chart

Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
10/02/2018 Hevel Eilot Regional Council, Israel 1 Anton Liebermann
10/02/2018 Southern Negev 1 שחר שלו
12/04/2017 Tel Baruch 1 דביר רודניקי


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