Upcher's Warbler - Hippolais languida

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Upcher's Warbler is one of those “birders' birds”. A classic LBJ but what quality!

It has a rather large breeding range, from Turkey east to Afghanistan, but I think that it can be seen safely on its breeding grounds only in few sites...


In Israel it has a patchy distribution, from Mt. Hermon in the north to the southern edge of the Judean Hills in the south. But throughout its range in Israel it breeds in low densities, and it is in our Red Book.


It breeds on rocky slopes with scattered bushes (see photo). It arrives pretty late in spring (May), and leaves very early (July) towards its E African wintering grounds. I encountered several territorial males during a breeding atlas project in May 2012.



yoav Perlman


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Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
19/07/2019 Hermon lower cable 1
12/07/2019 98 (33.307, 35.772) 1
12/07/2019 98 (33.307, 35.772) 1


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