Icterine Warbler - Hippolais icterina

Species description

Scarce migrant, both in spring and autumn, with an average of 10-15 records per season. In spring arrives in late April - early May. In autumn during the first half of September. Hotspots are JBO, coastal scrub patches such as Hatzuk Beach, IBRCE.


Icterin and Eastern Olivaceous 1.9.17 Hatzook    Photo: Igal Siman Tov

Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Icterine Warbler

Weekly Bar Chart

Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
07/09/2019 Hof Hasharon 1 Yohay Wasserlauf
07/09/2019 Hof Hasharon 1 Yoav Barak
04/05/2019 Hai Bar 1
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