Black-headed Bunting - Emberiza melanocephala

Species description

Scarce migrant and localised summer visitor. 

In Spring, migrates through the entire country in late April and early May. Hotspots are Eilat, southern Arava. 

Breeds in fair densities on Mt. Hermon and Golan Heights, and locally in lower densities in southeastern Galilee and Judean Lowlands. This is the only breeding species in Israel that winters in the Indian Subcontinent. 

In autumn, rather rare migrant in late August and early September throughout the country. Hotspots are Eilat, southern Arava, Tzor'a Valley. 


Conservation Levels

Where can we observe Black-headed Bunting

Weekly Bar Chart

Last Observations

Date Coordinates Count Observer
29/09/2019 Eilat city 1 Shachar Shalev
29/09/2019 Eilat city 1 Jani Vastamäki
29/09/2019 Eilat city 1 International Birding and Research Eilat
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