Short-toed Eagle

Short-toed Snake-eagle

Their BACK!



The Short-toed Eagles are back… And already incubating!



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The Israel Nestcam project is a cooperation of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), The Nature and Parks Authority (NPA), Hoopoe Foundation, The IDF, Kfar Etzion Field School and researcher Guilad Friedemann.








After the successful relaunch of the Long-legged Nestcam on March 14th we are happy to announce the reopening of the live broadcast from the Short-toed Eagle nest as well.

In March 2016 we first introduced a live Nestcam from a Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) nest. Using advanced HD cameras we were able to follow the fascinating lives of one of Israel's most mysterious and impressive birds of prey. The project was a great success and the Eagle pair was followed by millions of people from over 100 different countries.





This past winter while the Eagles were still in Africa we put up two sets of cameras on two potential nests and waited for the Eagles to return. It was a tense period, will both of the Eagles return? And when they do, will they choose one of "our" nests?

Finally on March 7th the pair returned and started courting and patching up one of nests we "gambled" on, the Oak nest. For three weeks the pair courted and prepared the nest untill on the evening of March 29th the female laid her only egg.

Using state of the art HD cameras we are offering a live broadcast, 24/7 from the nest. You are welcome to follow the complete nesting cycle till the young Eagle fledges successfully. During the season, which will last till July we will upload special summaries and information about the different phases of the season.

We invite you to follow the live broadcast and get up close and personal with these impressive birds of prey.

We hope for an exciting season and wish the Eagle family the best of luck.


Gilad Friedman, Dan Alon, Yariv Malihi, Uri Naveh, Ami Lazar, Yair Friedberg, Jonathan Meyrav, Arad Ben David, Yossi Sadeh, Yossi Leshem and the whole team.


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