22/03/2020 - 29/03/2020 - Eilat Birds Festival






22-29 March 2020


The Eilat Birds Festival is hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center and is designed to bring together birders from the world over for an unforgettable week of birds, migration and nature during the peak of spring migration. The festival is based at the excellent Agamim hotel in Eilat offering great rooms, food and swimming pools for those wishing to relax a bit between excursions.


The Eilat festival week always produces fantastic birding experiences. From incredible raptor migration to a great show of local specialties as well as some good quality rarities that show up during the week. Following the rainy winter the desert plains hold good numbers of Larks, Sandgrouse and Wheatears and the blooming Wadis provide resources for a large range of migrant songbirds.



Hoopoe Lark        Photo: Shachar Alterman


Besides birding the Eilat area extensively the festival includes excursions further afield to Nizzana and the Negev as well as the famous "Stars of the night" tour to the Dead Sea.

During the festival, we usually encounter some excellent mammals such as Mountain and Dorcas Gazelle, Southern Red Fox, Golden Jackal and Asian wild Ass (Onager). With luck we might even run into Arabian Wolf or Striped Hyena, both of which are seen every once in a while.


Please note that in the past years the Eilat festival was sold out early. One of the best things about the festival is the small size of our groups, so make sure to book your package soon. We thank our followers and many returning clients which are a testament to the fact that the Eilat Birds Festival is the best quality package for birding Southern Israel available today.

We remind you that the festival is run by a nonprofit environmental organization which means that all our proceeds go directly to bird and habitat conservation

Follow your instincts  and migrate to Israel this spring, enjoy a memorable birding holiday and do your part for bird conservation as well.




Steppe Buzzards - Heading north   Photo: Hadoram Shirihai



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For more information and booking a package contact eilatbirdsfestival@gmail.com

See you in the field, the Eilat Festival team



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About the Event

Organized by the Israel Ornithological Center of the SPNI, the Eilat Birds Festival brings together birders from the world over for an unforgettable birding week during the peak of spring migration in southern Israel.

Celebrating our 9th year, the Eilat Festival is now a well-established event and known in birder circles as the ultimate package for birding Southern Israel available today.
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